Movex Track-O Heavy Duty Motorized Dolly

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The Track-O by Movex is a unique material handling device with unlimited applications. It can be used as a stair climbing dolly, motorized hand truck or all terrain cat track tool to move heavy and awkward loads.

Remote Controlled Safety
Because the Track-O is operated by remote control (including wireless), the operator does not have to be anywhere near the load while it is moving. Therefore, there is no danger of a personal injury while the Track-O is carrying the load. It is UL approved and includes several features for peace-of-mind operation.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Track-O is the ideal high capacity motorized dolly for use on stairways, uneven surfaces and other difficult terrain. Its narrow design fits through doorways, gates and other tight spaces that traditional material handling equipment cannot navigate.

High Capacity
The Track-O line of motorized dollies features a number of models that have the capacity to haul objects up to 2,200 pounds on flat surfaces and 1,100 pounds on inclined surfaces.

Reliable & Easy to Maintain
Based on proven technology and tested in harsh conditions for 2 years, the Track-O line of motorized dollies feature an industrial design and several powering options (battery, AC, power pack or generator).

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As a leading distributor for the Track-O motorized dolly, Cynergy Ergonomics provides sales and rental of these unique machines throughout the United States.  Please contact us for more information.