High Speed Sack and Bag Handling System Pharmaceutical Dispensing Productivity


Pharmaceutical manufacturer requires sacks and bags of various sizes and construction materials to be de-palletized and dumped into a hopper. This process must be performed by a single operator requiring zero physical exertion, and done so in a manner that has shorter tact times than if the operation was performed by two operators managing the bags and sacks manually. This system needs to operate in a hot, humid environment.


A pneumatic/electrical handling system is provided which utilizes a servo driven/PLC controlled zero-gravity lifting unit coupled to a single hand controlled pneumatic vacuum head. The unit activates automatically as the vacuum head is brought into contact with the bag or sack; the load follows the guidance of the operators hand and is released via a positive pressure “blow off” onto a dispersion tray. The single head is designed to accommodate sacks and bags of varying sizes; the lifting and dumping of the sacks is performed as quickly as the operator chooses to move. The electrical components are housed in a positive pressure enclosure providing environmental control for the PLC/servo drive components.