Electronic Equipment Handling

Electronic Panel Handling Equipment

Cynergy Ergonomics designs and integrates electronic panel handling equipment for our clients' specific applications. Our electronic panel lifters can be outfitted with standard or customizable options based on your needs.

Check out the information presented below for specs on our electronic panel handling equipment:

(Test Fixture Handling)

Electronic Panel Handling Equipment

  • Test Fixture Capacities Up To 350-lbs.

  • Standard and Custom Grippers  

  • Variable Width Adjustments 12.50" - 33.50" Standard (Custom Widths Available)

  • Angle Adjustments: Fixed 0°, 16.50°, 27.25°, 40.50°

  • Reach Adjustable to suite variable test stations

  • Fixture Tilt for aisles and doorways (180° rotate available)

  • 4' clearance between fixtures and storage shelves

  • Custom applications available - Consult with us for application information

Electronic Panel Lifter