Ergonomic Lifts & Material Handling Equipment

Ergonomic material handling equipment and work stations are cost effective and profitable alternatives to worker injuries when weights, repetitive movements, working posture or nature of the movement creates injury hazards for the individuals performing these tasks. Ergonomic hazards can result in debilitating injuries, reduced productivity and subsequent loss of work time through rehabilitation. Along with safety concerns, risk management issues are addressed when ergonomic lifts and work stations are applied to the job environment (reduced workers compensation cost, lower EMR ratings, etc.).

Eliminating ergonomic hazards result in:

  • Improved product and performance quality
  • Increases in productivity
  • Reduction in unintentional damage to the finished product and work area equipment
  • Improved worker morale and lower workforce turnover
  • Improved attendance

Our methodology is to take a consultative approach in applying ergonomic lift products, specialty lifting equipment, work stations, articulating arm manipulators and other work area ergonomic improvements to address work place health concerns as well as the safety, risk management and productivity needs of clients, with the ultimate goal of providing an injury-free, highly productive labor force.

Cynergy Ergonomic lifts and work station material handling solutions include:

  • Ergonomic cranes
  • Ergonomic lifting devices
  • Zero gravity lifters and balancers
  • Ergonomic lift tables & scissor lifts
  • Lift assist hoists
  • Material handling vertical lifts
  • Articulating arm manipulators
  • Automated material handling systems

  • Vacuum lift assist devices and industrial manipulator arms
  • Ergonomic system design
  • Ergonomic floor matting
  • Adjustable height work tables
  • Material handling self leveling devices
  • Adjustable height work benches
  • Ergonomic hand tools
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