Ergonomic Hydraulic Cylinder Manipulators To Lift and Move Heavy Cylinders

Posted on: Feb 10, 2014 by: mike

With the weight of fabricated hydraulic cylinders exceeding 250 pounds, trying to move and maneuver them during the manufacturing process can be a daunting task. Each time an employee is forced to physically move such a heavy and bulky item, they place themselves at risk for injury. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overexertion injuries are “among the most costly and disabling work-related injuries in the United States.” The good news is that companies can reduce the chance of such injuries by incorporating ergonomic hydraulic manipulators into their workplace.

How It Works

A hydraulic manipulator uses pneumatic power to control a rare earth magnet suspended by a Gorbel Easy Arm. It's a simple machine that can be easily operated and controlled by a single employee. Regardless as to what you need to pick up, you can rest assured knowing this powerful tool will handle anything you have to throw its way.

Video: Hydraulic Cylinder Manipulator In Action

Still on the fence about investing in hydraulic cylinder manipulator? Check out the 1-minute-long video above to see it in action. As you can see, it only takes a single person to operate the device. There's no need for workers to bend over and strain their backs, as the hydraulic manipulator lifts and maneuvers large cylinders and other items with ease. With the device handling all of the physical labor, you'll reduce the chance of work-related injury.

About halfway through the video, you'll see a demonstration of the manipulator's “float mode.” Basically, this allows workers to suspend an item in air while still being able to maneuver and reposition it. Trying to perform these same operations manually without a hydraulic cylinder manipulator would be next to impossible for a single employee. Thanks to its powerful yet simplistic design, the float mode opens up a whole new world of options for wheel manufacturing companies.

Of course, the video published above is just one example of how the cylinder lifting device can be used. Whether you need to lift fabricated cylinders, automobile parts, etc., chances are you can benefit from owning one (or several) cylinder lifting devices. It's an incredibly powerful tool that takes the strain of lifting heavy, awkward objects off employees' shoulders.