Air Conditioner Coil Handling Condenser & Evaporator Lifting for Assembly


Due to a change in EPA Efficiency Requirements, industrial HVAC equipment manufacturers have been required to increase the efficiency of their units which has led to an increase in the weight and size of the condenser and evaporator coils used in the systems. After being assembled, the 12’ long x 4’ wide coils, weighing 100 lbs. need to be lifted off of transportation carts, rotated and set on forming tables. Once formed, the coils need to again be lifted then set in the bottom pans. When handling the coils, accommodations need to be made for the fact that they are extremely flexible in the pre-formed configuration and susceptible to damage during the handling process.


Several devices were provided to handle the coils throughout the assorted manufacturing phases. These include semi-automated units designed to raise, rotate and deliver the coils to the braze line utilizing the upper cap, keying off of the variances in upper caps in order to identify the specific coil being handled and automatically adjusting machine settings for the individual sizes. The system receives coils in an upright configuration, manipulates the coil to the required orientation, drops the coil into the transportation pit and presents it to the braze line robotic arm ready for end cap installation. Down stream, handling systems which utilize mechanical grippers pick, raise and rotate the coils as required through the forming and final assembly process. These systems utilize pneumatic powered manipulators suspended from workstation-style overhead suspension systems.